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Cool People Wear Our Merch


The official apparel store for crypto and finance networks called Discourse Syndicate and E3 Syndicate. This store is operated by our team from our brand Trendy Goat. Thanks for supporting our small business!
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Who We Are

Syndicate Apparel is part of our brand called Trendy Goat. Trendy Goat is a brand that you will see lots of very soon! Currently we are working on getting our own cut and sew facility up and running. Once this happens we will have the best t-shirt that you can get! We will even offer a 5 year warranty on all of our own private label shirts. No-one else is doing this because they don't believe in their product! We thank you for supporting our small business!
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Want To Work With Us

Are you an artist, merch company or individual wanting to get into merch? Interested in wholesale shirt blanks? We would love to talk!
“Absolutely good quality” — Alice Abigaile
We purchased some shirts and they were so nice — Cindy Lively
The HEX Boxing shirts are the best quality I have seen. — Larry Riverston

Contact us

Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns! We value you as a customer!